Call for Contributions #1

We can be space invaders in the academy; we can be space invaders in the theory too, just by referring to the wrong texts or by asking the wrong questions.
(Sara Ahmed, Living A Feminist Life, 2017: 9)


The first Issue of UNEINS is about
Critical Knowledgeproduction


Knowledge is a field of contestation. It has never been free of values, norms and ideology. What is presented to us as objective research or universal knowledge is always rooted in social contexts. Perspectives that recognise and address this are Space Invaders and have been shaping academic research and teaching for some time. Their demands are also relevant for research on peace and conflict. Alternative perspectives and methods regarding epistemological questions are necessary to reveal power relations and reduce violence in academia. This allows unheard stories to be told and new perspectives to be gained which move away from dominating trends. One's own knowledge production is thus in the position to be idealistic, activist and visionary, and must be aware of its own positioning.

For the first issue of UNEINS, we are looking for scientific, journalistic, artistic or other creative formats that thematically and methodologically connect to critical knowledge production in the context of peace and conflict.

We are looking for contributions that deal for example with the following questions:

  • What does critical knowledge production mean for dealing with peace and conflict and what challenges does it face?
  • What can an awareness of one's own positionality/location look like and how can this influence hegemonic knowledge?
  • (How) can these insights contribute to peacebuilding practice?
  • Which bridges exist between academic, artistic and activist research? What unique opportunities offer creative formats?
  • What needs to be implemented in actual research practice? Which methods need to be revolutionised in practical terms?


General framework for the submission of contributions:

  • The call is open to everyone!
  • Contributions are welcome in English or German!
  • Abstract (max. 400 words) of an existing or planned written contribution. Please also specify the approximate planned length.
  • Other formats and ideas (e.g. photographs, artistic works, poems, cartographies, illustrations, comics, etc.) are very welcome. Please submit a reasonable amount of material.
  • Short biography (max. 150 words)
  • Name, contact details (email), if available: Institution (e.g. University, collective, group, association, etc.)


Deadline for submission is 15.03.2021

Further process
The selection of contributions based on the abstracts will be made by 01.04.2021. All submissions will then receive written feedback from us. A participatory peer review process is planned for the selected contributions. Unfortunately, no funds are available for the project so far. Accordingly, there can be no financial remuneration for authors and editorial board members. We look forward to a joint learning process!

For submissions and further questions, please contact us at

We are looking forward to your contributions.
Until then - stay with the trouble!

Call for Contributions (Deutsch)

Call for Contributions (English)